Professional Resources

When you apply with Manpower, we can offer you many critical tools that are important to securing your next job. We provide career guidance at no cost to our employees and applicants - from creating a strong resume to interviewing tips and beyond!  Manpower employees come in all form - from a first time employee to an experienced professional.  We have a similar variety of tools to meet ALL our candidate’s needs.  We truly support the goals and ambitions of our candidates!

Resume, Interview and Job Search Help

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A resume is your ticket into the job race and your interview is the key to convincing a potential employer that you are a great fit. These are significant tools that can make an employer sit-up and take notice. It is worth your time to build your resume writing and interviewing skills to make sure you get the position that is right for you!  Please see a sample resume, cover letter and interview tips guide below for help in crafting your resume and making the best first impression possible.

Resume Worksheet | Cover Letters | Preparing for the Interview Guide

Free Training

We value the role of work in people's lives. Our learning system, PowerYou, is your ticket to accessing knowledge that can positively impact your career. PowerYou is a free online tool, filled with hundreds of assessments relevant to pretty much any career path you can imagine!  These user-friendly courses are both computer and mobile compatible, so there are no limits on your learning. PowerYou offers blended learning options including videos, virtual classrooms, simulations and more. Learn skills range from basic computer programs to communication and leadership!  Build your capabilities to succeed in your career while working with Manpower.   Whatever your goals or learning needs, now is the time to go for it! Visit us today and explore the extensive resource material available to you when you join the Manpower team.

Career Guidance

MyPath.  Manpower’s newest and most comprehensive total career development tool yet!  MyPath offers its users complete career guidance - from identifying what you are passionate about - to matching you with the learning required to meet those goals.   This tool starts with an assessment to identify your strengths and motivations.  Employees use these findings to plan career journeys that will bring them true satisfaction. 

MyPath offers a myriad of learning tools and support, all geared to the job path that you decide is right for you.  Manpower supports you as the employee you are today and the employee you wish to be in the future.  As our offerings range from entry level temporary work to high level professional permanent placement, we can support you every step of the way!