Associate Benefits

Here at Manpower, our goal is to offer benefits to our associates that reflect how much we value the hard work they do!   We know you have a lot of options when choosing an employer and we are happy you have joined the Manpower team.

Service Bonus.  We value our long term associates in a big way.  What better way to show that than by sharing in our success financially!  Manpower associates are eligible for a service bonus upon reaching 1800 hours of service.  Our service bonus is a 1% payout of your earnings during that time- typically worth hundreds of dollars.

Referral Bonus.  Send other great employees our direction and cash out on $50 EACH.

Connections.  Gain access to the area’s TOP employers, connections and thousands of potential opportunities each year simply by being in our network. 

Career Support.  When you join our team, you are paired with recruiters who will learn about what you need to make your job search a success.  Our recruiting professionals can help both with what you need “right now” as well as how to shape your career path in a way that works towards future goals.  Since Manpower has ALL levels of roles from entry-level to advanced, we can support those who join our team for the entirety of their careers.  Ask about a powerful tool called MyPath and what it means to your career.

Health Insurance Benefits. Eligibility begins after just 40 hours!  Manpower provides you with a plan that allows you to be safe from any penalties associated with lack of coverage while maintaining eligibility for marketplace coverage if needed.  Our plan offers hundreds of valuable preventatives health services!

Telemedicine.  24/7 Live Doctor Hotline!  Talk to a doctor from your couch, car or wherever with this unique part of our insurance offerings.  This service allows you to speak to a doctor at any time and receive advice or basic prescriptions for illnesses. 

No Screening Fees.  All background check, physical, and drug test costs are covered by Manpower.  We want to help you get started and succeed in your new position!